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Thread: aiming tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acrowot View Post
    I have never, ever, heard of this method of potting by using the lights. Certainly nobody ever mentioned it when I first started to play. There is no way that method can work, in my humble opinion. It was always a matter of learning by trying and time. Eventually it will come ...... hopefully.

    After my long lay off of over 36 years, I am trying again, but must agree with Terry on this - one of the problems is delivering the cue in a straight line and am wondering if it will ever come back. Then there are all the probs of old age, too .... lol.

    But still I am trying and wondering if I will ever get just a little of it back.
    I have theory about age and snooker, there is no reason your game should deteriorate with age unless it is imposing some physical handicap.
    The only reasons the older players lose there edge is because of less practice and the mental desire.

    I am getting my game back through sheer determination and focus, keep at it and it will come back

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    I find it very difficult when the aim line is towards an empty space. Is there any special method to aim at an empty space. Thanks.
    Originally posted at Http://

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    Default front heavy cue characteristics

    hi everyone... i'm new here but have been playing the game for more than 10 yrs... but there's something i still don't understand: what are the pros & cons, advantages & disadvantages of a front heavy balanced cue? what are the characteristics of a front heavy cue? thanks in advance for ur advice

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    hi choku, i suggest you to post your question at cue section

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    Which foot arch inner or outer

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