One thing the buyer could do prior to delivery is to contact the courier of choice and arrange pick up from cue makers address and add insurance suitable to the value of the cue. This way the buyer has full control of the shipment. To do this they're will need weight and dimensions of the package, shipping pick up point, cue maker cell phone number and a cue maker that is happy to do this...

If the package gets damaged or lost then the buyer has all details and deal with the courier company directly.

That said - a professional cue maker will always ensure their products reach the intended destination and will all be too happy to sort out any situation that may occur.

International custom charges have nothing to do with the cue maker, nor is it their responsibility to inform the buyer of such expenses as each country differs on custom duty.

Ultimately- if one is happy to pay beyond 1000 for a cue then they should expect and be ok with further add ons.
A cue less than a grand isn't really worth the hassle IMO. The buyer should be able to pick something up locally and stress free.