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Obviously his grip stays loose during impact. Anyone can have loose grip during pause(s) and feathering. I'd probably squeeze the life out of the cue just prior to impact with the cue ball if I tried to play with backswing that short.
Not saying that one should have backswing length like Luca Brecel, but at least in my case I need *some* reasonable length, otherwise I'm too tense.
I guess each player is different and he needs to find something that works exclusively for him. Copying somebody else, no matter how good, may not be a good idea.
The point to keep in mind is that he does vary the length of his backswing depending on the shot. He may be using a short back swing on most shots, but the moment he needs a bit of power he does take a full stroke, particular when going into the reds with power. But the other thing is, if you hit the ball positively you don't actually need a long back swing for most shots. So a mixture of varying the length of his cue action and a very loose grip keeps him from being twitchy.