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Thread: Need Help Im Brand New to snooker or pool but i really need help with SHOTS PLZ

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    Default Need Help Im Brand New to snooker or pool but i really need help with SHOTS PLZ

    hello im new to pool .. kinda well i play every week but like you know just a friends game really and i dont have the money or space for a table at home so i cant practise lol but anyway

    i play and i dont really study it i just well ..... shoot XD

    ok so as i cant practise its hard but i get to every monday kinda

    thing is

    i know this is gonna sound rather common or just stupid

    but i play by luck....... YEP LUCK

    so i try to aim even a stright shot i miss I MISS I MISS


    i dont get why i cant aim tho

    i line up the cue center of the ball and aim for the middle of the god damn other ball and BOOM even a stright shot whats kinda close i MISS IT JUST MISSES

    DUDE im shooting STRAIGHT >>>> in my head anyway i mean why cant i shoot straight tho>> i dont get it ???

    i just want to become really really good at pool but i cant hit a straight shoot LOL well i can but i do it by luck really i just aim and shoot but i aim wher i think it should hit tho

    but it never happens for some reason it just dont work for me ? so how the hell can i get better at pool ? for real ? u might say practise well how ? i practise evey monday for the last well years but i can never get shots in

    well i say that but ive only got into wanting to become really good now so ive never practised for real but how how how????

    tell me the first steps to do to become a master //// of my house XD

    so basically

    i need to know how to shoot a bloody ball in straight every time yet i aim for the center and it never works even tho i seem like im aiming right so idk

    i think some how i need to study the physics idk i just cant make simple shots no matter how much i try it dont work even in my head i aim in right spot it dont work

    my friends ok i guess he can hit skim shots so he tells me where to hit and if he does it it will go in if i do it bloody dont

    someone tell me HOW where do i start ???? i wanna beat everyone who challenges me to pool at the bar LOL

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    If you been playing that long and are still guessing where to hit then maybe there's no hope
    Take a short video of you playing and let us help sort you out

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    Watch some youtube videos of basic grip, stance and bridge. I see so many people doing the basics wrong and wondering why they're not potting any balls. I'm guessing your not cueing straight, and its probably because your grip is wrong, either too tight or your holding the cue too far back. Either of these would push the cue offline, and are probably the most common mistakes i see with beginners

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