Hi all new to the forums here and joined to hopefully get some advise....

Back in 2009 I brought a handmade cue from Bob Denning of Dragon Cues. Who made cues for alot of the top Welsh National Team.

It's has 7.5mm Ferrell and is 3/4 made with Ash with the whole butt being mainly solid Snakewood with Ebony and Yellow Splicing.

This was custom made for me and is still in immaculate condition never being repaired or had any faults.

Sadly Bob passed away last year and had not made cues for some years prior to his passing.

Due to not having time to play now days I feel I'm wasting this beautiful cue by not using it and considering moving it on.

I brought it for 470 back in 2009 and I'm a little concerned that letting this go is either a big mistake due to how rare these have already become in just a few years or for under selling it.

Any thoughts or surgestions welcome and thanks in advance.