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    Hi all.
    I have read a lot of posts on this site about where to look on the object ball.
    using a half ball shot as an example, a lot of what I have read has given me the impression
    that I should point my cue through the centre of the cue ball to the outside edge of the object ball
    and then while feathering I should keep my eyes on the contact point (or collision point) on the
    object ball which is around half inch in from the edge of the object ball. we are also told that the cue
    will follow the eyes,if so what stops us from hitting the object ball too thick if the cue moves from the
    edge of the object ball to contact point which is about half inch difference.

    thanks for bearing with me
    it is not easy to always follow what people are trying to say,I hope I can be understood.

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    You are over-thinking this aspect and allowing your mind to be rules by unimportant details. Just lock your eyes on the object ball itself and not one specific point on the object ball or if you cannot do that then lock onto the back of the ball (BOB).
    Terry Davidson
    IBSF Master Coach & Examiner

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