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Thread: Any Decent Snooker Aids/Training Equipment?

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    Default Any Decent Snooker Aids/Training Equipment?

    Hi all,

    Snooker training equipment seems few and far between, and I can't find any that I desperately want (besides Nic Barrow's CAT, but that's 400).

    While coaching lessons are fine, I would like something for when a coach isn't there; something to tell me I'm on line, cueing straight, etc.

    Perhaps there's nothing on the market, I just thought I'd ask the forum for some sound advice.

    Many thanks!

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    My honest opinion, is that they are all gimmicks.

    If you set up a straight shot, get down, and pot it, success!

    If you miss, something went wrong.

    I'm afraid there are no real answers. See someone that talks sense. Knows the game, listen, and improve. All the snooker training equipment is pretty useless.

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