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Thread: 7 Reasons Why - Dramatic Improvement in my game in recent days

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    Red face 7 Reasons Why - Dramatic Improvement in my game in recent days


    Started playing snooker in Pakistan at the age of 18 and played continuously until ahe of 27. My best break at that time was 46, but did use to make frequent 20s and 30s.

    Came to USA and didnít touch the cue for 12 years. Then bought the snooker table and resumed recreational play. My new high break was now 56.

    Last week I bought a new cue and started making following changes to my game after watching some coaching and instructional videos:

    1: Changed my stance so my left foot is in line the aim of shot. My elbow remains at right angle
    2: Find my line and commit to it when I approach the shot. If I am not comfortable with my line, stand and refocus and then commit to my line.
    3: Slow down my pace of play and give a small pause before hitting the shot
    4: Hit ball softly and try to avoid putting unnecessary side spins on cue ball
    5: Donít try to find spot on the ball where to hit, instead find an imaginary line of play and then commit to that line.
    6: Keep my head down and stick to my posture after Iíve played the shot until balls come to rest.
    7: Belief before hitting that the ball will go in the pocket. It may sound crazy but that bielf really helps.

    Result. Break of 92 and 80 today

    Things I need to work on

    1: Choice of ball to play
    2: Control of cue ball as I am a very poor positional player
    3: Follow thru of cue. Some times my cue doesnít stay to the line of shot


    Make a clearance when balls are placed randomly on the table

    Break of 92 link

    Break of 80

    Ps- I have a tight room so sometimes have to place balls away from the cushion.

    This was my self assessment but please guide my where else should I put more focus in order to bring my game to the next level.

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    Blimey , that is some improvement . Well done , sounds like you are enjoying your snooker .

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    Hi there,

    You play almost every shot plain ball when you could've made life really easy for yourself by playing shots with stun/screw

    Good luck!
    "just tap it in"

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    I can concur with everything you've posted!

    The one thing that I do that has improved is relaxing the grip and getting through the ball! See the video below in slow mo!

    1) Keep head still
    2) Relax grip
    3) cue through the ball!
    4) Watch the balls direction and assess!
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