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Thread: Neck strain and a few other issues..

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    Default Neck strain and a few other issues..

    Just after a few games of snooker tonight with a couple of pals and after playing a couple of frames I started to notice I wasn't comfortable at the table, in particular my neck seemed to be straining as I got down for the shot, I think it might be down to having my bridge hand either too close or far away from the cue ball but wondered if this was a common issue?

    I noticed a couple of things as well, first that I was unsure how far away from my body my back hand should be, seems I can either play it comfortably bit further out and miss, or pull it tight in which improves my aim but is awkward. I'm thinking my stance is a bit square on for my body shape and I probably need to have my left leg slightly forward.

    Second thing I noticed when pracising my cue action was I wobble just a few inches before hitting the cue ball before straightening back up again maybe an inch before contact. I'm at a loss to explain thag one though, any ideas?

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    Right hander sighting with left eye boxer stance required, left foot in front of the right foot. Right hander sighting with right eye then squarer stance with both legs almost parallel, reverse this for left handers.

    These are the natural basics that apply to these sighting styles, and no one sights right down the middle of both eyes, there is always a bias towards one eye however slight, the eye that addresses the cue to the cue ball, while both are used to sight the object ball. This happens naturally so don't try to force it one way or the other.

    Get someone to take a photo of you addressing the cue ball from directly in front and see where the cue lies in relation to your eyes and take a stance that suits it and everything should fall naturally into place. Or cue in front of a mirror.

    The wobble could be that your bridge is too far away from the cue ball so you're dropping the upper arm into the shot before the strike instead of afterwards. Shortening your bridge and holding the butt in the same place should cure this but it could mean having a short cue action and you might find you need a longer cue so you can have the long bridge that you like without dropping the upper arm too soon, or not at all.

    Get someone to take a photo of you addresssing the cue ball from the side so you can see where your cue arm (forearm from the elbow) is in relation to the floor, either in front, behind or bang on the vertical. Just behind is preferable with about 10/12 inches of cue extending over your bridge hand so you can have a long backswing when needed for power shots and the strike will take place just before the upper arm comes into the stroke, if at all.
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