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"What's New?" and the "Activity Stream"

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  • "What's New?" and the "Activity Stream"

    The forum "suddenly changed" for me just now. I typically browse by clicking "What's new?" to see all threads updated since I was last here, then I click the small square icon (IIRC) to take me to the first unread post in that thread since I was last here. This is how I keep up with threads I'm interested in, and see new ones to read.

    But, it seems to have changed to this "Activity Stream" thing which I don't like for a couple of reasons:
    1. It's showing me old threads I've already read, making it hard to see things I haven't read.
    2. There is no small square icon to take me to the first unread post in the thread, instead I can only navigate to the most recent.

    Can I have the old behaviour back Ferret, if not via "What's New" then via another link which I can just bookmark..

    Does anyone else use the forum like I do? Or am I weird

    EDIT: Ahh, ok I see what's happened. It seems that "What's New" used to go directly to the "New Posts" sub-link, and now goes to "Activity Stream" by default. I can get the display I'm used to by clicking "New Posts" manually. Sorry for the noise.
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    hi nrage just click on new posts under whats new and your back too normal as such