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    I use the PM function on TSF quite a bit (as I suspect others do as well). What I find really difficult to do is search and sort. I'm so used to the search function in gmail so much now that when I get to TSF, I feel as though I'm using Hotmail 1.0. Maybe I'm missing it, but there seems to be no email search at all. And also, email storage is very limited. How about members that are willing would pay for better PM and email functionality? Better yet, how about getting an actual email address like Anyways, at the very least a search function would make matters much easier.

    OK, just found the hack. Doesn't seem to be ready for v4.x yet though?
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    I have looked into several email options before but not found anything suitable, last year I signed up for Google Apps for Business and pointed the sites MX records at Google so I could use the Gmail interface with the sites email address's, see here

    I can give everybody a email address but google charge £33 a year per email address which is crazy considering you can get a free Gmail account.

    As for increased PM space there is two options within the settings menu for increased space for PM's, images and avatar size.

    That plug-in you mentioned will not work for this version of VB but I will have a look on later to see what they have available.