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    I have a suggestion that's both easy to implement and be pretty handy:

    Implementing a fav icon.

    A fav icon is that small icon that represents a site in your bookmarks. The reason I bring this is up is I have the forum bookmarked in my "forums" folder, but because of the generic vBulletin icon that's present now, it's not as easy to locate as it could be.

    Not a biggie, but something to consider
    Shreddin' balls

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    We do have a custom favicon which for some reason did not get transferred when we had to move domains recently.

    I have to apply a few updates tonight so will put it back then.


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      You can make your own up at - Just set the size at 32x32. Use any pic you like, but obviously a simpler one will come out better. After generating, right-click the tiny pic, and save somewhere. Then right click the fav bar icon and click "Change icon", and browse for your saved pic.


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        I now see a black TSF on green background
        Up the TSF!