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Aramith Pro-Cup Tournament Billiard Balls

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  • Aramith Pro-Cup Tournament Billiard Balls

    Been looking for a set of these for a while, someone will no doubt tell me I could have got them cheaper if I'd kept looking but my time is worthy money too.

    Anyone played with a set yet?

    Edit - LoL, the page has just updated to 1 sold so I guess not

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    Yes, lots have played with them.
    Some like them and some not. Good for coaching.



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      Hi, I just received my new Aramith Pro-Cup Tournament Billiard Balls this morning (I ordered them back in Oct 2012) so I will let you know how they go. They look good and I am thinking of using them to play Snooker Plus (2 extra balls worth 8 and 10 points).

      : )
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        Saluc should really improve their quality control!

        While the red and spotted yellow are quite good with their weights, the spotted white is light in almost every set!
        This goes as far as being right on the edge of the allowed 0.5g difference - right out of the box.

        And since this is so common, you can't even purchase more and mix them for better matching sets ... quite annoying.