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How can I improve my billiards?

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  • How can I improve my billiards?

    I have only played 2 (3/4 month) seasons of billiards. In all honesty I've only been playing snooker for 3 years having played county level pool for 15 years before that.

    I did ok in my 1st season losing my first frame and winning the rest with a highest break of 43. 2nd season I won about 60% of frames in Division 1 of Portsmouth league with a highest break of 44.

    My problem is I only play billiards during the billiard season and so don't practise during the other months. I only really played billiards to try to improve my snooker which it has improved my long shots and safety.

    I'm now looking to lose my pot pot pot reputation at billiards as I am simply looked upon as a potter and nothing else. Most of the time when playing billiards I see the pot 1st and simply play those shots. I'm looking to improve my all round game to introduce more 'billiards' shots and hopefully enable me to contribute with higher breaks and better all round scoring.

    Any advice on how to achieve this without the answer being simply practice?

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    also check out the tabs for strokes and videos but at the end of the day it has to be practice and to lose your potting rep you have to spend sessions practicing just in-offs, can be boring and annoying but if you can improve your in-offs to a reasonable level and keep your potting, you'll do better


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      I am in Worthing and certainly can help you. I am on the forum panel of English Check out my site and e.mail me from the site if I can help. The southern qualifier of the English championship is at Shirley Southampton this Sunday.