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    Our league are trying to find the best way of doing the match scores in billiards, for the last few years we scored it by giving 1 point per frame won, but there were people who didn't like the fact they were getting close to winning and not getting any points.
    So last season we changed it to 1 point for every 25 scored, max of 6 points per frame (we play to 150), anyway surprise surprise the same people are now complaining that the scoring didn't work again this season !!!!
    So I was just wondering how other leagues do their match scores ?

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    There is no such thing as "frame" in billiards. It is a game or series of games.


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      Originally posted by roykay View Post
      There is no such thing as "frame" in billiards. It is a game or series of games.
      Well I never knew that !!!
      Thanks for the comment, You learn something new every day.


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        Ours is done 1pt per game, and an additional point for winning the match.
        It used to be an additional 2pts for winning the match.

        Last year was the first season the league switched from 5 players per team to 3 players per team - making that extra point for winning the match much more significant.

        Any point system based upon scores within an individual game surely overcomplicates it.


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          Thanks for the reply Pigeonslayer, I was beginning to think no one else plays billiards !!!!

          We also did the bonus point for winning the match, the main concern was that the team that won, won 1 game ( i still really want to say frame !!!) less than the team that came second, but won the league by 5 points !!!!
          I think we'll be going back to the 1 pt per game next season, unless someone comes up with something better.