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Had my first perfect 9-ball league match!!

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  • Had my first perfect 9-ball league match!!

    I am in a fairly-competitive pool league playing 9-ball. I represent my local tavern. Teams have six players per team; each player plays each other player once, each player getting three breaks while opponent gets three breaks. (No golden breaks/ducks; ball just gets respotted and turn continues on break; opponent ball-in-hand on duck).

    First time ever, got three break-clearances on my breaks. Other three games, got 2 counter-breaks with one-ball starters, and 1 counter clearance starting from the 3-ball (with 7 already pocketed).

    Pretty generous pockets (4 1/2 inch) on typical 7 x 3.5 tavern-dimensioned table, but my new McDermott Star S13 really performed phenomenally. Wish I had it in my earlier days!

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    well done on the break-dish (as we call them in UK) perfect frames, very satisfying aren't they
    Up the TSF! :snooker: