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    just looking for advice re break cues

    I usually side / cut break as due to stomach surgery I cannot risk doing full on power breaks at the moment.

    I use an 8mm cue that was damaged by local retipper several years ago that now bends.

    I am looking into getting a break cue but have heard so many things about them.
    Is light or heavier better? Some say light as you can move the cue quicker others say heavier as you get better split.

    What size tip is best?
    Ive used my friends 9ball cue but cant get on with it too well

    My normal cue is a robin cook 8mm and dont want to risk it

    Thanks for any advice

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    I have seen several old cues on ebay given a different type of ferrule and a break tip and being called a break cue, is this the same as getting a new soecific break cue or just a way to sell old cues that are not good enough to play with


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      I prefer a heavier cue to break, but the main thing is to get a larger (10mm+) hard tip. For english 8 ball I usually use a cue from the rack, because I don't have a case which fits 2 cues. I play a bit of US pool, and for that my cue is about 1oz heavier than my playing cue, and it has a rock hard and very flat leather tip. I used to have a break cue with a phenolic tip, which was great, but only really suited to power breaks as you tend to miscue with anything other than centre ball. Friend of mine has a Cue Craft break cue for english pool, which breaks well and was pretty cheap. For a cut break you could probably buy any old 10mm tip cue and stick a le pro or other hard leather tip on.


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        The choice of weight (cue) depends more on how the break shot is executed. Rather very fast in acceleration or controlled. Higher weight of the cue supports the effect of controlled breaking and hinders rapid acceleration. People have different muscular makeup of fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers that support endurance.