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  • Logistical nightmare

    Hello guys,

    A family issue has arisen with family in the south of Sweden, and I'm trying to find a way of getting over there. I need some way of getting from Cork to Copenhagen without air travel (Thanks to mother nature!). Can anyone make any recommendations? The best thing I've found so far is Cork > Rosslare > Pembroke > Harwich > Copenhagen involving trains and ferries, which will take 2-3 days and costs around €500-€600. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

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    Isn't there a tunnel under the channel between England & France with train & car passage?
    Otherwise, ferry Ireland-England, England-France/Netherlands(Europe mainland), or ferry at once Ireland-France(Europe mainland). And borrow/rent a car (from the start), or ask someone to drive you, if you can. I guess such travel should be possible in 1.5-2 days then, if ferry schedules are favorable. Car should be quicker & cheaper.
    2 bridges in Denmark (Odense - Copenhagen & Copenhagen - Malmo) are paid, some ~30 EUR for crossing each.
    If you take a car, better drive through France & Germany to Denmark, skip Belgium & Netherlands, should be less traffic congestion this way, and speed limits are higher.

    Uhm, and you need to hurry up with tickets, some other people might be in need to reach Europe just like you - right now...
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      Logistical nightmare indeed...and by the time you will arrive there, the air space closure might have been lifted...

      But I think the option you mention is the best one. You need to join Copenhagen then cross the Öresund and off you are in Sweden. But to get there, man, what a loooooong trip....I did Poole > Pembroke > Rosslare > Cork when I came to Ireland two years and a half ago and it took me ages.

      Good luck with that mate!
      (And say hello to Co. Cork for me, I miss West Cork )
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        It is a bit of a mess yes

        Thanks for the responses and the well-wishes, it seems I have a bit of time until I have to go so let's hope for the best.


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          Find a witches coven and borrow one of their broomsticks.


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            is there not a ferry from newcastle to sweden?


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              Originally posted by ADR147 View Post
              is there not a ferry from newcastle to sweden?
              Ime sure they did that on Top Gear once ???? racing Jezza who went by road


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                not sure but i had some friends who went on it and carried 5 cases of beer each with them.


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                  Surely better to sail from Dublin to Holyhead, then drive up to newcastle, surely thats better for a route to northern Europe. The way you first suggested looks like a big detour going south wales and south england to then going back up north to