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    Last night I had a snooker accident.
    Instead of puting Eye drops in my eye before going to my local snooker league, I accidentaly dropped two drops of M.E.K.P (methyl ethyl keytone peroxide ) Its the hardener for polyester resin onto my left eye. I am waiting for my daughter to come and remove the patch.
    God I hope I can still see.

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    I put drops in before I go out; will have to watch I don't drop in superglue gel after retipping me cue.

    All the best mate, hope you're ok.


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      Dear oh dear, hope you are fine. You may wish to go for some medical help.
      John Lim

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        How stupid can I be? I was in a rush to get out. When I did it, I thought there was something wrong with the drops. It took me about 20 seconds before I got to a tap to flush it out. I dont cry often but had a good cry while flushing my eye. I know how dangerous this stuff is. I drove myself to the hospital where I had my eye flushed again before being bandaged (patch )
        My daughter took it off last night. I have an appointment at the eye hospital tomorrow. I can only hope that my vision improves, At the moment its like I am looking threw a piece of cloudy plastic .
        I played snooker most of the day today playing right eyed it kept my mind buisy.


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          No way near as bad but I once put ear drops in my eyes which also resulted in AE for a couple of flushes by a less than sympathetic and very camp male nurse!
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