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A Snookery Christmas Present

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  • A Snookery Christmas Present

    Any ideas?

    The boyfriend is a snooker player, a cue fan and a respected poster. He has been particularly brilliant lately. I'd love to surprise him with something snookery, something really lovely this Christmas.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I can't say I am passionate about snooker, but taking an interest in my his well, interests has helped my understanding and high regard for the sport and its players.

    Cheers for the ideas!

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    Has he hinted for a new cue or case , if not then what about a coaching session .

    Oh welcome to the forum by the way


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      A coaching session is a great idea. My partner is having trouble finding me something for xmas and I almost suggested this to her. If you tell us whereabouts you are (doesn't have to be exact) we can suggest coaches nearby for you to contact.
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        He has several cues and cases, both snooker and pool. I doubt I could impress, given what he already owns.

        He is in fact in London at the moment. Would you by any chance know a good coach in Central London?


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          John Wood in Kings Cross at the Hurricane Room.

          e mail :
          Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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            Originally posted by neil taperell View Post
            John Wood in Kings Cross at the Hurricane Room.

            e mail :

            Perfect. I was about to suggest the Hurricane Room or thereabouts myself.


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              A custom case from Crispian .. or a custom leather chalk pouch with his name on it


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                Get him a Personalised Cue Cloth with his Name on it, And maybe a couple of Tickets to a Snooker Tournament Near You....Maybe World Championship etc.


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                  A tad expensive but i,m sure it will be a present he will never forget .


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                    Yeah good idea....... Maybe a ticket to watch the masters at wembley.
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