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147 after a free ball?

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  • 147 after a free ball?

    I was watching the game today, when John Higgins got a free ball at the start of the frame and it made my think was there any way, after being put in that situation, where he would be able to lay claim on the prize money for a maximum break?

    Would he have to make a 155? If he did would he get the payout for a maximum? What if he made a 147 by taking 16 "reds", 14 blacks and two greens?

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    There's no separate prize for a 147.


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      thats an interesting question...i know as Gerry said there was no seperate prize for a max, but what is there was...and also what if he made a 148-154 break? i know thats not technically a max after receiving a free ball but its more than a proper max...

      and also, heres another question...if you have the opportunity for a free ball, it then means you are able to make a max break of 155, what would happen if you declined teh free ball, and potted a red to make a normal maximum of 147....technically thats not a maximum in this case becasue the person COULD of made a 155....


      i think ive just confuzzled myself... hope that made sense!
      what a frustrating, yet addictive game this is....


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        all the previous times when I've bothered to have a look at the prize break down, the prize for a "maximum break" is clearly specified to be 15 reds 15 black, OR 16 reds 16 black... so that should answer your question..