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Sidney Smith hand spliced champion cue 47 48 49

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  • Sidney Smith hand spliced champion cue 47 48 49

    This is essentially similar to a previous post i saw...but it did not show how much the cue went for...

    The cue i have is still full length, untapered,
    I have a Sidney Smith UK Professional Billiards Champion “champion” cue, commemorating 1947, 48, 49.

    10mill tip, hand spliced,
    ash with rosewood butt, maple face on butt
    and ebony striped inlays.
    Weight stamped 18 ½ oz
    It is very straight.

    The cue overall is in very good condition,
    with some slight wear around the edges of the badge only.
    The veneer from the butt has been removed at some point
    but has been done with care.
    The reverse side of the butt has been stamped
    with a former owners initials at some point,
    apart from that the condition is excellent,

    A very nice playing cue also,
    i have some interest from purchasers but would like an idea of
    what anybody thinks this should go for?
    From my research it seems rare emough to be of interest to
    collectors, especially as is not shortened or tapered in.

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    sid smith cue

    hi can you send pics to my email so i can see the butt as i might be interested thanks jim, thanks jim


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      Hi, am tryign to sort some photos now, there has been quite a lot of interest in this and somebody is coming to look around mid-day tomorrow, i am obviously hoping for best price on it but my bloody phone is out of battery for taking photos, trying to sort now cheers.


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        Hi here are the photos requested


        Uploaded with

        butt section:

        Uploaded with

        full length:

        initial on reverse:

        Uploaded with

        there is someone coming to view today, so any offers..


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          oh my god dlete that last post!

          why the bloody hell have photos uploaded and displayed gigantic?? sorry, get rid of that darn imageshack forum code, i cant delete myself.

          here are direct links


          butt section

          full length

          reverse grip with initial