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white german shepherd pups

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  • white german shepherd pups

    hi all i have white german shepherd pups for sale ,pedigree and kc reg,females,pms only thanks jim

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    pups pics

    german shepherd pedigree and kc pups for sale ,female


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      Jim I hope my Missis and Daughter don't See these as last Time they seen a GERMAN SHEPERD PUP....We Bought Him!!

      Here he is when he Was just a Pup!.........What a Cracking Dog.



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        german shepherd pups

        the white ones are even more cuddly gareth,there like little polar bears show your family i could give a discount,lol


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          Lovely looking dogs but it angers me what breedrers have done to these dogs over the years, like lot's of breeds i suppose.

          But it really annoys me when you see shepherds struggling with their back end, terrible terrible breeding practices over the years through this breed, and it's acceptable in the eyes of kc and like, really annoying...

          Not saying these pups are badly bred or nowt like jim.


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            german shepherds

            hi cally i know what you mean,i had both my dogs hip scored before i bred them,i got them as pets not to breed initially iwent for 1 and then never heard anything so i went a bought another then when ide had the dog 2 week i got a phone call saying the other was ready and i dont go back on anything i agree so bought that 1 as well, i fell in love with a pup like these when i was in a pub in scotland,so thats the story pal the bitch as had only 4 litters and shes 6-1/2 now so its not as if i let them breed every 6 months ,jim


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              Its Not all about the Breeding as there Rare Legs do go if you dont keep them Fit and Keep the Weight off them as thats what really Causes them to go too Big!

              My Family been into these for over 50+yrs and as already said its a Pitty about there back legs but if kept right and weight kept off then less chance of there rare Legs going.

              As Jim said always get them Hip Scored and Check KC Registerd.

              I am not keen on the White German Shepards as Proper GERMAN SHEPARDS are like mine in the Picture!

              beleive me it took some time and Money to get the Markings of him and Pedigree he has.



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                german shepherds

                we have had shepherds for prob 15 year or more gaz but when you see something thats hits you so hard you do it just like we do with snooker cues,lol


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                  It's nothong to do with weight. It's everything to do with the breeding gaz... it's the breeding programmes the breed has been through for decades that's the problem.

                  No matter if you keep weight off them, have a look at "show" shepherds and they don't carry any weight do they! terrible movement and these supposed to be the cream of the crop... pfffttt... kc reg aint worth the paper it's printed on 99% of the time.

                  Gaz, making sure these dogs are kc reg means nowt i'm afraid, i mean look at the state on shepherds in the show ring, disguisting that the kennel club accept this.

                  Their rear legs will still drop, hip score or not in lots of shepherds, i aint seen many that appear to move freely, and not "droop"
                  the rear end, it's sad really. The best shepherds i have seen are the shepherds the police use, they have dogs that look more like the original shepherds and are more or less like the "original" shepherd, they look much healthier dogs. and move much better with no noticeable restriction/drop in rear.

                  This is acceptable to the kennel club, it disguists me.

                  Quite upsetting really..

                  I think this video is what stopped crufts being shown on tv for a bit, the breeding practices in lots of breeds is just not acceptable, very hard to change generations of it now though.

                  Hopefully more stringent changes will be enforced, don't know how though, i feel the damage has been done to many breeds and will just carry on the endless/impossible journeyof getting the "perfect" look lots of breeders strive to get. But that's just a group of people sitting around a table who decide that i guess, more thought in producing healthy dogs should be more the concern here.
                  Last edited by cally; 20th February 2011, 03:34 PM.


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                    theres no perfect animal cally take humans for a start hitler tried to breed the perfect animal failed in is quest and to be honest if theres a god hes not doing a very good job neither so whats left we have to put up with the good and bad in every living thing, cas is trying to get the perfect cue and my mate whos a joiner insists wood is a living thing ,lol


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                      You missing the point jim, nothing to do with being perfect here bud.

                      You being an owner of this breed can surely see what i mean?
                      And having 4 litters you know the score with a bit of breeding i'm sure.
                      Healthier dogs are obtainable but people want the current "breed standard" and it's just not right what breeders have done to this wondeful breed, even worse that the kc accept registry of such.

                      Not saying this is anything bad on your part here bud, this was done to the breed over many years, shame.


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                        german shepherds

                        hi agree when its done to that exctreme thats supose to be the original look in a shepherd in that utube vid it looks arendous the 2 adults ive got are straight backed level as you look not sloping like that


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                          Good to hear you have nice solid dogs there jim, i hate seeing people walkng them and they look to be struggling, like i said this is more often than not the case with them.

                          The youtube vid is not supposed to be the original shepherd, it's just what a group of people decide how they want them to look/should look in their opinion, these supposed to be lovers of the breed and well respected figures in the dog world that make these stupid decisions... the older type gs is much nicer for me anyway.

                          The type the rescue/police etc use, they are much more like the original. not like these numpties that run the kennel call "breed std"..

                          Lovely looking pups they are btw jim, too big for me though...


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                            german shepherds

                            when they get big they are ,the pups dad when he stands up on hind legs he looks me straight in the eyes but i just give him a big cuddle hes a right softie the moms a bit worse than him but not much


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                              Agree with all you said, cally. I used to show Airdale Terriers and most of the dogs that are shown are not as they were originally.

                              Gazz, you have a lovely looking dog there.

                              I used to know a Greyhound breeder/racer. They would not let him show his dogs when he tried, cos they did not conform with their specs. He offered to race any show dog for any amount of money they cared to put up - he is a millionaire. Nobody ever took him up on it. He had an office full of trophies for racing them.

                              One of my Airdales lost the use of his back legs, when he was around 11 years old and was not an ounce of extra weight on him. In fact, it was always a problem to get him to eat much. The bitch would eat twice as much if I let her.