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Good luck with your game guys, and see you around some time

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  • Good luck with your game guys, and see you around some time

    I can't post here anymore.

    There are too many bruised ego's any time I offer my opinion, so I'll bow out gracefully. I'll let the big cats get their territory back.

    Just remember to find out stuff for yourself, by getting on the table and playing more, and talking about it less.

    You've been great.

    All the best, and hope you all succeed.

    Oh and puppet, Mark says stop spying on him.

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    Firefrets,please re-consider.Most people on a balanced forum enjoy lively debate,myself included,I would consider that most of your observations have been balanced and well considered.To anyone looking to take offence or seeking an argument there is an old saying " if you cant take it dont dish it out".Egos are too easily bruised, sometimes tact or a dignified silence is a better way to deal with irascible members.See you on the forum.


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      Whats going on ? why does it say youre banned ? Ive liked your posts and you should have/share your opinions. Man dont get too stressed... I hope you take some time to rethink this... be cool bro
      Easy on the garlic....


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        What's going on here then?

        Why 'BANNED'

        I was quite enjoying ff's company too...


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          Just a bit of an argument or two lol, nothing too serious, but he let slip he is some sort of a shop which isn't allowed then mass deleted his posts apparently......was just about to buy all his tips too
          Hope he returns after his ban


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            Hope I didn't offend you firefrets. It's only my second day back on in ages. Even I cannot offend that quickly can I?


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              what a shame... i thought firefrets offered some really good advice all round and seemed to be a wealth of information on snooker matters... i enjoy reading his posts and hope he returns too.
              When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back. GET MAD!!


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                See ferrets banned thread.
                Commercial my ass. Cueman has a lot to answer for the sly little .....