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Intel Core 2 duo LGA 775 motherboard

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  • Intel Core 2 duo LGA 775 motherboard

    Very off topic Q. I have a LGA 775 motherboard which I think is faulty, unfortunately it's hard to tell if it's really the motherboard, or the cpu, or ram.

    So, I am hoping to get hold of a motherboard (in working condition) to test the cpu and ram in. I am happy to buy it, provided it's not more than £15 + P&P or thereabouts, as a new one can be had for ~£30 + P&P. FYI.. on ebay, I almost got one for £13, and the newer more advanced ones go for up to £50 so no worries if £15 is too low for you.

    If you have old stuff lying around, and you're not sure if it's LGA 775. First, is it less than 2 years old? If so, post the machine type/name i.e. Dell Dimension 5100 (which is LGA775 but does not take core 2 duo) and I can let you know if it's the sort I'm after.

    Thanks! (and apologies in advance if the very off topic nature of this post annoys anyone)
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