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  • Originally posted by MrRottweiler View Post
    rep for the revival ADR147 Some nice memories and also a lot of great tunes being thrown out there. I must admit I had heard of ELO but never knew much about them or their songs but now they have had a come back I recognise almost every track. At least one of their tracks is probably in every pub jukebox on the planet.

    I just read a few of the early pages and saw names of members who were great to have a laugh with. I can remember April Madness could get quite irate when this thread started to go off topic which it frequently did I wish all of them the best and hope they're doing well and I'm grateful to the guys at TSF for keeping old threads like this available after so many years.

    At the UK Championship this year there was a blond lady in the front row of almost every session I saw and usually in the same seat. I've seen her in the crowds at previous tournaments too and she usually attends for the whole event so is clearly a Snooker buff. I distantly remember seeing a picture of April Madness and am sure it's her. Anyone know who it is?
    It will either be tania or meruta, excuse my spelling!


    • I played this which I found on Youtube. Great bass sound.
      Gone Video


      • Believer by Imagine Dragons Evolve. 3:24.