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    Not sure if this is in the right section, but if it is not my bad!
    A member on here from Canada wants to buy my cue but the cheapest quote i can get is £36.50 with FedEx, does or has anyone on here shipped internationally and do they get cheaper quotes than that or is that the going rate? my mate bought a cue off ebay for his son to ava knock with before and that got shipped from Hong Kong and i think delivery for that was only £15. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
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    Just checked and £28.70 is the cheapest quote I got for shipping to Canada, which is fedex economy. I'm surprised you had a cue sent from HK for £15 as I sent a cue out there last month and had to pay about £45.


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      it wasnt me it was a friend of mine, i think the cue was £40 ish and shipping was £15, the item stated it was in the UK but when he tracked it it said despatched from an address in Hong Kong, its them cheap cues you see with the leather effect case, the metal extension a cheap wood mini butt and the cue, moat ofd them are probably painted to look like ebony butts, i will weigh the cue with all the packaging as that may take the weight up as its quite heavy with everything together, cheers for the reply
      My muscles will take me far, but my mind will take me further!


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        The price you got from FEDEX is very good. Also, remember to value the package low for customs duty as here in Canada using a courier, they charge an 'admin fee' along with customs duty and tax and it usually comes to around 25% so I ask all my shipments to be valued below 50quid if possible.

        Sending a cue from Canada with the exception of surface mail which takes 6 weeks the best price is up around 50quid and sometimes more depending on which company. UPS is the most expensive and FEDEX isn't much better.

        Terry Davidson
        IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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          thanks Terry, think i will book that service then once the payment has been made, Thanks
          My muscles will take me far, but my mind will take me further!


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            Well, I'm the buyer and I can't wait for the cue to be shipped. Liam got the money this week and he is having it shipped out Monday
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              I'm in the process of sending a cue in its case to Toronto, Canada, the weight is 3 kilo.

              I was suprised that the cost was just £27.50 as i was expecting it to be more, that includes insurance of £50 - £300 which cost £1.50 so it was £26.00 + £1.50 insurance, that was with UPS 3 - 6 day via Gwizz.