Hi guys ,I have had 10s if not 100s of cues and was beginging to doubt if it was out there, I knew what I wanted and had many cues made that way so the look was good but they always had that something missing.Its been tough because I play with a long cue so I have tried many times to have shorter cues altered but found after that they just never lived up to the promice..Anyway hoping for a change of fortune with my new john parris paragon, I have played a few frames now and its is amazing..so so responsive..actually I did change things around a little I went with a 9.8mm tip and a 29mm butt normally 10mm / 30mm , but i think the biggest mistake i have been making is my cues have been to heavey my new jp is only 18oz and I was reluctant because I wanted power but that is there with the new cue because the timing has improved so much, it gives lots of top spin and screw's back for fun I cant find any thing that it does do better than any other cue...Thanks John Parris

sorry guys I will repost /thought it was topic of chat and not off topic chat lol...long day.
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