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Lower back pain problems

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  • Lower back pain problems

    Does anyone have the same problem here? After been playing more than 2 hour or 1 hour, my lower back started hurting really bad, the game needs to bend down a lot with your body and how to bend down with lower back pain?
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    Are you maybe bending from the waist and not the hips?
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      It's something I've never suffered with to be honest 888. Maybe itsnoteasy's comment above is the way forward. I'm unsure where the bend in my back is but I've never felt a twinge before mate.
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        The standard stance, i.e. holding one leg straight/rigid could be putting too much tension on your lower back. Perhaps can try bending both legs to lessen the strain. I suffer from the same and have tight hamstrings too, just couldn't put in the necessary hours to get to a good standard, so I just try to enjoy whatever I can get out of the game.
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          Try stretching you hamstrings. Before and after a long period of playing snooker. It worked for me.

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            Try doing some stretching exercises before you start and again mid way through your game. Longer term you could see a physio to get some exercises which would build up the muscles in your lower back.


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              see a sports physiotherapist or get acupuncture or take lots of medication or a bit of