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  • Help a Ferret this Christmas

    There is a new Ferret Rescue where I live and I am trying to help them out by raising some funds, they are not a official charity yet but they have applied for charity status.

    I went to see them yesterday as I had a indoor cage, a outdoor run and a bunch of toys my ferrets no longer play with to donate to them which they were very grateful for, they currently have 9 rescue ferrets but now have enough space to house about 15.

    I want to raise £200 for them this Christmas to help towards vet bills, food and housing. TSF accounts are in the black so I will donate this months Google adverts revenue to them which currently stands at £66 but should reach £100 by the end of the month.

    Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 07.40.10.png

    If you have a few pence in your PayPal account that you can donate then send it on to the TSF account which is and at the end of the month along with other money I raise and the Google Adverts revenue I will send onto them, if everybody who reads this donates £1 we will reach the target no problem, I will even list you below as a donator

    Ferret Facts

    There are a few misconceptions about ferrets so let me explain a little about ferrets for you.

    Ferret's are not rodents they are mammals, you can not keep a ferret in a cage all its life, that would drive them mad.

    Ferrets cost the same to keep as a cat or a dog would and in some cases maybe even more! my three ferrets who are only 6 months old have cost me £1,200 in vet bills alone already, this includes vaccinations, neutering and a adrenal implant which can prolong their life for 4-5 years.

    You should not use traditional bedding for your ferret, sawdust can cause respiratory problems and hay / grass can lead to mites and ticks, you should always use fleece blankets which initially are not cheap but long term will save you a small fortune in bedding.

    Ferrets although smell a little for the first year of their life are very clean animals, once you have them neutered you will not notice the smell at all, the smell is caused by the oil on their skin, in Albino ferrets this is also what causes the yellow discolouration.

    Ferrets use litter trays like a cat would.

    If you have anything sparkly or made from rubber your ferret will steal it, items my ferrets have stolen from me this month alone are XBOX Controller, Credit Card Reader, My Keys, My Mobile Phone, My Leather Bound Notebook, My Kindle, A Pack of Bourbon Biscuits (Returned half eaten), A 500GB External Hard Drive, TV Remote Control, A Bellows and A Tube of Pringles. They also tried running off with my camera the other day, good job I caught them in time.

    Ferrets will stash their toys when they have finished playing with them.

    I will get some pictures of the rescue ferrets when I go and see them next but below there are a few pictures of my little devils.

    Pic 1. Tinchy and Scruffy after having a bath. Pic 2. Scruffy after being told off. Pic 3. Ted posing. Pic 4. Scruffy drinking my tea.


    When a ferret is in deep sleep it can be hard to wake them up, this video is from a few months back, Scruffy is fast asleep and Tinchy is biting her ear.

    You can train a ferret like you would do a dog, a ferrets life is orientated around playing and treats so they will automatically fetch things without training but it is very easy to teach a ferret to do tricks like High 5, play dead and stand up, a ferrets attention span is that of a child with Attention Deficit Disorder so it can take time to train them out of my three ferrets Ted is the only one to respond to training so far probably because he loves his chicken and the girls are not bothered about chicken at all.

    Here is Courtney with her ferret Joey doing some tricks.


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    Total raised by TSF members so far £10
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    Cute little blighters . Good for catching rabbits as long as there are no baby rabbits in the rabbit warren or you wont see them again.


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      I do not use mine for rabbiting but I have friends who do, always great fun going out rabbiting and you always have the bonus of bringing your dinner home with you

      I have had to dig ferrets out many times after they stopped for a snack


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        Update on donations

        Google Adverts Revenue for last month is £129.15p
        TSF Donations is £10
        Offline Donations is £30

        Total £169.15p

        Just £30.85p to go to reach my target of £200


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          Originally posted by ferret View Post
          Google Adverts Revenue
          FERRET: I have removed your comment as it is against Google's terms of use
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            I have kept them for thirty years, never had a vet bill , some living well into double figures,you must have been very unlucky Ferret, what was wrong with them to cost that much ?
            Sorry missed what you spent it on, I have never vaccinated mine, or neutered the Jill's, much cheaper to use a vasectomised Hob , is the adrenal implant needed because of the neutering? I have never heard of this.
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              It was the vaccinations, neutering and the implants.

              The adrenal implant is because of the hormone imbalance when you get them neutered. The crazy thing is that I now have a hob and he is getting the chop next week so could of saved a few pennies.

              Do you work your ferrets?


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                I do pest control Ferret mostly moles and rabbits , used to be a Warrener on the Duke of Buccleuchs, and was the pest controller on the Roslin Institute, that cloned Dolly the sheep. I now mostly do the rabbits for fun and what I sell them for, but do get the occasional paid job, but since the ban on strychnine my mole work has gone through the roof as not many know how to trap them old fashioned stylie lol.
                This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!