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  • Sad sad news

    Don't really know how to break this depressing news, but it appears that forum member Hotpot (real name Neil Prosser) has tragically passed away just a few days ago, funeral is Wednesday apparently.
    This news has come from Trevor White so should be genuine, no news on how or why but it must of been very sudden as he has Trevor White cues on ebay for sale right now!
    Unconfirmed but Trev thinks he was around 40 ish, i spoke to him lots of times via pm over the years, really really sad.
    Maybe more information will become available from other forum members who maybe knew him personally, i know cally has met him in the past.
    R.I.P mate
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    Sad sad news

    that's awful news


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      I've just been on the blower to try and get news on this after John messaged me.

      I'm very sad to say it's true. I'm distraught. I feel numb.

      After meeting Neil here we became good friends, I regarded Neil as a very good friend of mine.

      A real nice genuine guy, I'm absolutely heartbroken by this news...

      RIP bud, you'll be missed my friend.


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        Wow that is a shock. another good guy lost.


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          Sad news, RIP hotpot.


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            I met Neil and had a few frames with him in Cardiff, yes he was a good guy.

            What a bloody shock, I would have put him around my age 44, so no age at all.

            RIP Mate.


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              Hit me hard as this. In shock. In bits...

              Can't believe this....


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                shocking news.
                I learned a lot from his posts. a real gentleman and wise man.
                Rest in peace Hotpot .


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                  Sad news indeed. One of the members who has always been a great contributor to the site and a friend to many on here.


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                    I bought a few cues from Neil in the past seemed like a nice guy. Sad sad news


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                      Sad sad news

                      This is really sad news.

                      RIP Hotpot, we'll miss you mate.


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                        So sad, ......
                        This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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                          R.I.P . No age that

                          Like JRC had many a PM chat with him .
                          Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                            Sad sad news

                            very sad news......


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                              I've been trying to think how old he was. I'm sure he told me 46 and that was a while ago. So I think he was 47-48...

                              Im not 100% on this but who I spoke to said it was a possible suicide...

                              Its Very sad....