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R.I.P Johan Cruyff

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  • R.I.P Johan Cruyff

    Sad to hear that one of the greatest footballers of all time has passed away from cancer. A true legend from the golden years of football who helped Ajax to three european cups in the seventies. Touch and go between him and Bestie, but I think George just shaded it, but a brilliant player as this video shows.

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    Yep very sad, his influence on football after he finished playing could be argued to have been even greater, but three time European footballer of the year very classy player from my generation.
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      sad news indeed but happening at an alarming rate due in no small amount to the age of people it concerns, groan


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        Shocked to hear the news.

        I only had one decent move when I played football and that was copied from him. I saw him play at Wembley in about '77 with Neskins and Johnny Rep, they were awesome and made us look very average winning 2-0.

        Real shame, hard to believe they never won the world cup.
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          One of the all time greats..