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  • Image hosting sites

    Since photobucket stopped the 3rd party hosting ( well free anyway )

    What's the preffed option for free forum image hosting ?

    I've looked at imgur an da couple of other which seem like they would be ok ...just looking for people she opinions on which is best

    Ideally I'd like one that shows the image but the image itself isn't a direct link to your library


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    Image hosting sites

    I have used imgbb and Tinypic without registering and the select the forum/website(?) option.
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      You should be able to upload a photo/photos without the need for this like many other modern forums. Just select photo from library and upload to post/thread. None of this fluffing around with image sites or files too big in this day of iPads, phones etc.
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        restricted by the software/platform TSF is based on; I have heard from the owners that changes will be happening to the site, but then they have said that since last year
        here's hoping
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