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Logburner connundrums.

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  • Logburner connundrums.

    Hi chaps,

    I need advice from experienced guys, fitters would be ideal, rather than 'my stoves great- get one of mine'..

    Ive moved from A) a small old stone cotswold cttg with a diddy 4.5kW franco-belge.. to B) a similarly sized stone wales cttg with a 7kW Efel. On face you might say ~ similar results, but alas not: chalk & cheese. Multifuels.

    1stly I'm throwing over 2x the logs on here, burning 12 good sized logs split in two every 3 hrs.. about two big heavy baskets full every nights' (all I can afford to) run from 7-10pm. £90 a month. Sheesh. Understandable if in a hall with huge stove etc.. but its a 2 up one larg'ish down: a small'ish cttg, just me.

    My chimney is a well made, pummice-lined 10", my 5" flue from stove (top) 3ft up to start of chimney. My stove can get nice & warm.. but only at vast effort, ramming it to get it to run flat out (basically, constantly). I'm up & down continually & often resort to a shovel of coal to 'turbo' proceedings, such as the wood we get around here is nigh on impossible to get top notch stuff. Its very hard to get a cosy house unless running the thing so damn flat out as to be rude. My old stove: 6 logs would quietly burn away & linger, just 2 logs on at a time per hr, minimal efforts, no fanfare- the whole cttg cosy as should be. Goddmit.

    My old cttg I long for (stovewise): my old log source too. I'm going to try a kiln-dried cubic metre (also £90) to see if this is comparable to my current log source.. but an expensive experiment if I get well over 1.5x as many logs from current chap. It might equate. I shouldn't be spending £90 a month on logs, surely, freezing my butt of all day waiting for my 3 hrs per night.

    I don't have a chimney liner, as told my pummice lined CH is in good condition & prob better too. It draws well, but I do get wind coming down the flue when it blows/ most often here top of a wee valley. Would a steel 5" liner dropped down stop any of this wind 'back flush' as I will call it? Im wondering if this is turbo'ing the fire, causing a runaway effect, leaching heat up the CH.

    If I knew what was causing so much effort & cost, for only minimal results.. Id go that route. But I cannot establish what the cause is. IE Ive entertianed the idea of a replacement stove many times, but what's the point if I spend £1k & the results are the same?

    thoughts pleaee, thanks SC

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    Speak up, you've got to speak up against the madness, you've got speak your mind if you dare
    but don't try to get yourself elected, for if you do you'll have to cut your hair


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      Hi vmax- these would double my fuel cost.. I need to halve it.