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Following the Leicester crash...

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  • Following the Leicester crash...

    bad taste Garuda.jpg <---- See the pic here.

    So .. following the tragic Leicester crash, another one sadly happened, although a plane. 188 or 189 people dead. LionAir crashed a 2 month old 737Max8. Garuda Indonesia (a great airline tbh) had this pic as condolences to post. For the life of me, i cannot fathom that ANYONE was that idiotic in the PR/socialmedia department could bare to approve this pic.... Their own logo in black&white alongside the black n white picture... oh... and the sneaky lill 5star airline Skytrax batch in the bottom left so CLEARLY left in full colour on purpose...

    Kick'em while they're down ehh... "sorry for your loss, but wouldnt have happened with us, we are 5 stars..." sell sell sell...

    Doesn't change that LionAir was crap and cheap. But it does boast enormously poor taste from Garuda's socialmedia department to post a pic like this...

    ps. Don't book with them... or Air Asia... spend the extra quid on a safer airline...

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    Better still don't fly because if something goes wrong you can't pull over to the hard shoulder and call the AA. Your life in the hands of the firm who tendered the lowest maintenance contract, and you have to pay to print your own ticket.

    The safest form of travel my arse, calculated on accidents divided by miles travelled, but if calculated by accidents divided by journeys taken then the truth emerges, too late to tell Leicester's owner that now or the poor sods on the plane who had only flown a handful of times or maybe just the once and never again.
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      you are wrong man. A few dodgy airlines just have to be avoided.

      I can say with 50 DJ shows globally a year at the peak of my career, i was actually ever only in 2 go-arounds and 1 emergencylanding. All routine incidents. Birds on runway, plus smoke in the cabin due to a fanblade treatment that had changed some procedures. Its really safe if just choosing to avoid the obvious crapAir ...