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  • Online shopping for snooker merchandise

    Not sure in which topic this belongs so i figured best in off topic.

    I'm surprised there isn't a online shop that has many snooker based products, i know that world snooker used to have a merchandise site, i bought several items from them, and recently i also used, back then they had watches too but now that seems all gone, only a few mugs and t-shirts left on the site.
    And they only send it out within the uk which is a problem for me, i know has some nice things, cues, cue cases, watches, whirlwind perfume, chalk but thats about it as far as snooker merchandise goes that i know about.

    Are there any others worth mentioning that deliver worldwide?
    I know you can easily find a 'where's the cue ball going' etc shirt from ebay but with it being so popular in China i would have expected a retailer carrying more waistcoats with ads on for example.