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  • Online shopping for snooker merchandise

    Not sure in which topic this belongs so i figured best in off topic.

    I'm surprised there isn't a online shop that has many snooker based products, i know that world snooker used to have a merchandise site, i bought several items from them, and recently i also used, back then they had watches too but now that seems all gone, only a few mugs and t-shirts left on the site.
    And they only send it out within the uk which is a problem for me, i know has some nice things, cues, cue cases, watches, whirlwind perfume, chalk but thats about it as far as snooker merchandise goes that i know about.

    Are there any others worth mentioning that deliver worldwide?
    I know you can easily find a 'where's the cue ball going' etc shirt from ebay but with it being so popular in China i would have expected a retailer carrying more waistcoats with ads on for example.

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    Experience the wide variety of cues for sale in our Snooker & pool showroom. We offer a Try before you buy service where all cues on display can be tried out first on one our snooker or pool tables at your leisure. No pressure selling, just helpful advice if needed. Online Electronics Shopping Pakistan Gain the advantage on your opponents by trying a selection of cues to find the cue which most suits you. All cue lengths, weights and tip sizes available in store. Online Tablet Shopping in Pakistan Extensions & cue cases to suit.


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      I don't see what a online electronics shop and tablet shop in pakistan have to do with snooker merchandise.
      Might be me though.


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        Delphi - thanks for checking
        Up the TSF!


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          No problemo Dean, in the meantime no longer checking for much merchandise, got me some Parris polo's, cue tips, tip shaper, cue oil, rest extender , towel etc, i probably have like 60 chalks too, think i'm set for life


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            Online merch.... watch this space
            Up the TSF!


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              Thanks for sharing. Many online platforms offer a lot of goods and it is very difficult to find what was looking for.