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Whirlwind " The Incredible Story Of Jimmy White "

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  • Whirlwind " The Incredible Story Of Jimmy White "

    Has anyone read this book by Aubrey Malone ?

    If not i would recommend it to any Jimmy fan, along with all the things you may know including the facts & figures from tournaments it has a twist because its the story of Jimmy White from a fans perspective, the highs & the lows that as Jimmy fans we've all experienced ( as we know there's been lots of these ), that runs along side the story itself.

    It must be said i don't read many books apart from auto biography type things of my sporting heroes, but found this book great as will any Jimmy fan as you can relate to the emotions of the author that we've all gone through over the years, its also wrote as a tribute to Jimmy himself really with great humour in it.

    For anyone that has already read it i would be interested in your thoughts on it.....
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    No not read it but thanks i'll look it up. I read Behind the white ball i think it was called its upstairs so could be wrong anyway loved it.
    Such a contrast to Ronnies which i also enjoyed!