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    Does anyone have any suggestions on good coaching manuals for young players. I know there are a few around but would love some ideas. Thanks guys

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    Hi Simon, now i know it is not exactly a manual, atleast a writen one, but a fellow snooker fanatic and WPBSA recognised coach has created and uploaded what is IMHO some if not the best snooker coaching video clips available, his clips (Neil's) can be found on utube username snookerpro tips.
    follow this link currently he has 93 coaching clips, i have found him to be a salt of the earth kind of guy with a great attitude and first class approach to teaching.
    If you like his work subscribe, please send him an email of thanks he does it all in his free time AND FOR FREE..
    hope thats of some help
    keep cueing
    ian matterson


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      Also see PJ Nolan's stuff on that has some basic information and many training/practise routines.
      Up the TSF!


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        Nic Barrow has the largest collection of snooker coaching material I've seen and it's excellent. His website is called the Snooker Gym.


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          Thanks so much guys, really appreciate thsi.