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  • Who's Read Kissing The Pink?

    I'm interested to know if anyone has read the book Kissing the Pink by Jane Holland?

    And what you thought about it if so?

    Here's my review...

    If you've ever wondered what it was/is like for ladies playing snooker, then this is the book to read.

    The book charters the fictional character Zoe, wannabe Champion snooker player, desperate to rise the ranks on the Ladies tour, but she is at every attempt, pushed back by the very fact she is a woman, and "women can't play snooker, as described by one male chauvinist in the book." Ironically, how things have changed now - slightly, anyway...With women like Reanne Evans and Ng On Yee making headway in a male dominated sport, this book lets you know how tough it can be for women playing in male dominated clubs, and with chauvinistic men who think women should be tied to the kitchen sink or tied to the bedroom.

    Mordecai Richler, in his book "On Snooker" suggested in his book that Kissing the Pink would have been better as non fictional account - rather than a fictional one - I disagree. The characters all speak for themselves, and when you read through you really feel like you are in the room, (or club) watching them play, and watching the banter, the rivalry, the female wit, and the dry sense of humour. It all adds to the atmosphere of the ride.

    The novel is well written - and amazingly sarcastic at times. I liked the way the main character Zoe had the struggle towards the end of whether she should go all out and play snooker or give in and indeed just be the dutiful mother. Ironically, it's the kids who cheer her on the most...

    This isn't a book about how to play the game if you're looking for tips like that, but it is a book about how to survive the game. If you look deeper, there are some good tips in there for both men, and women.

    Have a read yourself, and then, if you love snooker, get playing...
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    I have read this book and enjoyed it ! in fact almost read it in one evening, I am not one to get on my horse and soldier for any feminist movement but it would be great if womens snooker were given more coverage on T.V. I am sure if Barry Hearn put his mind to it he could well and truly put Ladies Snooker more in the public eye . Me and my mates down the club watched England win Gold at the Womens Hockey It was GREAT a room full of guys leaping up and down cheering you would have thought it was the world football cup The only thing I would add is it appears this book was issued with two different covers one of a rather erotic depiction of a lady blowing a rather sexy kiss ! the other a straight shot of a pair of Female hands playing the pink, cant see much point in the first cover as there is very little erotic content. cant help thinking it sort of cheapened the content but that's just my opinion ,,,,,,,,, ???:?????
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      dunno what the books about but I love kissing the pink


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        Such a suggestive title


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          I would have given it the Title ( LADIES WITH BALLS ) TO BE HONEST THE TITLE NEARLY PUT ME OFF READING IT. maybe she thought the erotic title and cover would sell more copy wrong move if you ant to promote Womens Snooker.


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            probably more down to the publisher than the writer, they really want to sell books and do any trick to do so
            my niece is an accomplished novelist and the stories she tells of the ideas that publishers come up with!
            Up the TSF!