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1970s/6Chinese walking stick cue £179 ?

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  • 1970s/6Chinese walking stick cue £179 ?

    I see these all the time on ebay at stupid money ?

    These cues where brought into the Uk by Daymoat in Leeds direct from China by their thousands in the 1970s / 80s and they where trade at £3.50p and retailed at £7 to £10 as novelty cues .

    Rubbish to play with

    worth no more than £15 as a novelty item

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    Junk indeed.


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      yeah but no but....

      yes they are junk novelty items which are crap to play with and not worth a tenner but if you look at sold listings on ebay they regularly go for upsides of a bullseye and sometimes for a ton plus so its all in the marketing and when people don't know what they're worth people will pay wrong money for them

      if I could be bothered i'd snap 'em up for a tenner and bung 'em back for 75 ono

      you wouldn't want some imaginative relative spending 75 on one for you for xmas though, just because they know you like snooker


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        there was one once advertised on ebay a few years ago before everyone jumped on the band wagon with some right BS tale about it .

        the story went I was walking past the marina in Monaco admiring the boats and an Arab sheikh invited me on board , we got on very well and he gave me this carved walking stick cue which was presented to him by some foreign dignitary whilst visiting , the cue is a one off and an ideal opportunity to acquire this once in a life time sale , price £950 , and believe it or not IT SOLD !
        I think on the back of that sale more have appeared on eBay for sale , I used to pick these up in boxes of 48 from Arthur Varley at Daymoat in Leeds and sell them around the pub's and club's of Nottingham and Derby , we would pay £3.50p for each one in boxes of 48 and sell them at £10 each we would pay £168 for a box and sell them in a month for £480 they literally flew out the door , they sold really well in the 1980s and along with the firm also selling them I reckon there must be Thousands of them in the UK , and a good 200 plus where sold in Nottingham .
        so plenty to come up for sale on ebay where the average price paid for them is £75