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Couple of Cues on eBay

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  • Couple of Cues on eBay

    I've listed a couple of cues on eBay, probably more pool spec that snooker unless you prefer a smallish tip size.

    1. Ton Praram III Maple cue. Ordered this through the group buy one here a while ago. Lovely solid cue and would have been my playing cue if I hadn't made the mistake of ordering it an inch shorter that my normal cue. This has been used for a few days practice at home, plays well but I have always gone back to my normal cue as I feel this one is just a touch short for me. No dents or damage, as new condition.
    Length 56 inches
    Tip 9.0 mm
    Butt 29.8mm round butt (no flat)
    Weight 18.1 ounces

    2. ADR Professional Ash Cue. Again bought off here, Andrew's batch of cues with the spelling error on the badge. This is one of the more expensive ones with the better quality dark black ebony butts. Bought it to try Ash again but I just find the chevrons too distracting on these ligtht coloured shafts after playing with maple for so long. A very good quality cue for the money. This has had a few frames of pool at most, basically as new.
    Length 58 inches
    Tip 9.1 mm
    Butt 29.8 mm
    Weight 17.5 ounces
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    Praram cue sold, ADR cue still available. £100 delivered to a TSF member if paid by BT or paypal gift. It really is a nice well made cue for little money.