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Unclevit Cue and Cheddar Classic case

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  • Unclevit Cue and Cheddar Classic case

    Selling my Unclevit cue on eBay, one of the last Unclevit cues from this forum before he disappeared, not sure if there are people still waiting on their orders or if he came good? Anyway after waiting well over a year and thinking my money was lost both my cues did eventually arrive, a matching pair for pool and snooker. The snooker one is now for sale on eBay, it's a maple cue with payoong and ebony splicing. Payoong is a rare protected wood in Thailand but he did say it was properly sourced same as his other rare splicing woods. It is a stunning red wood on the cue. The cue is badged "Master Cue Exclusive", I just wanted one of his "C-Brand" badges but this is what it came with and I was just glad the cues finally came. £140 delivered to a forum member if paid by BT or paypal gift. I will get further photos up tonight as the lighting last night was making the butt wood look brown, it''s much more of a red in real life.

    Tip - 9.5mm, Butt - 28.3mm, Length - 57.5 inches, Weight - 17.8 ounces.

    Also selling a Cheddar Classic 1 piece leather cue case which I bought off a member of this forum. I had intended to get it refurbished but I know if I did I wound never use it as I would be too worried about it getting damaged so I'm going to stick with my Halo case that has already got a fair few marks on it despite being very careful with it. Its navy blue with two tone blue suede interior. The case was well used before I received it and has several scratches and marks on it. The case is still solid and functional, its far from perfect but considering its age and that is had been used regularly its still in decent nick. One end is very good the other has wear. Quite rare cases nowadays and you can tell by the weight of it how well made it is. Not really sure what the value of this case is (and if anyone can help me with a value that would be appreciated) but thinking around £100 + cost of postage. I will get photos up on the listing tonight.

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    Very nice. Bargain.


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      Yes it's bargain cue at that price, a well made Thai cue with unusual wood just a bit odd with the Master Cue badge, but if that doesn't bother you it's a beautiful looking cue. Unclevit cues were pretty well regarded on here with the rare butt woods he had available, just his service let him down at the end, lots of promises and excuses that the cue would be ready that dragged on for many months and months. I'm selling for less than the cue cost me after delivery and customs charges. It's never been used other than few frames of pool at home.
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        Photos updated on the listings, any info regarding the value of the case appreciated.


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          Cheddar Classic case now sold, cue still available. Would prefer a straight sale but may consider similar value trades (not only snooker stuff).