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  • Maximus legend 1 piece

    Got a absolutely superb maximus legend cue for sale cues 1 Piece maple copy of O’Sullivans cue is bang on perfect straight as a rod. Cues pretty stiff and as new it’s a really nice playing cue and for the money I don’t think there’s better quality out there. Specs are 58in long 9.6/9.7mm tip 18.2oz and butt asking £200 plus p&p cue will be sent next day delivery. Cue also on eBay item no is 123116475686 sorry don’t know how to link.

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    Highlight and copy the the header line at the top of the ebay page

    Highlight a word say 'eBay' in your post

    Click on the world sign on the reply page of your post left side next to the envelope

    When window open get rid of the blue and right click and click on post

    The post quick reply... I think that's it I couldn't find your eBay listing


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      The item number is right it’s for sale on evay


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        ok, I copy the number and paste it into eBay and it comes up eventually!