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Billiard boutique on ebay

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  • Billiard boutique on ebay


    This billiard boutique store sells sells tonnes of different tips. Was looking at the laminated stuff they got.

    Talisman, black heart etc.

    Just wondering if they're genuine and if the items are genuine or if anyone has any experience with them.

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    What's the link to the eBay shop?

    There is a billiard boutique website for an official snooker/pool online shop run by an enthusiast and pool player. If you subscribe to the website with your email address, you can collect loyalty points. I've bought from them with no problems. If it is the same shop then definitely genuine from my personal experiences so far


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      Billiard boutique on ebay

      Have brought from them very good


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        Yes genuine tips and seller, guys name is Pete Williams, bought from Billiards Boutique a few times and would recommend them.


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          Really like the original Black Heart tips , so much so I recommended the shop to a couple of team mates , we still all use Billiards Boutique . Good service , good comms , swift dispatch , cant ask for more.
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            Ive purchase from BB and have no complaints...
            A very good online shop IMO
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              Owned by Pete Williams from down Bournemouth AFAIK and if so about as trustworthy as you can get. Pete is a top bloke.