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Cue Peradon Eden 3/4 with Peradon Black Aluminium Case

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  • Cue Peradon Eden 3/4 with Peradon Black Aluminium Case

    EDIT: Cue and Case just SOLD

    Hi everyone,

    After realizing that I was keeping a prisoner, I decided to set her free: I am selling my Peradon Eden 3/4 together with the original aluminium case. You can find the ebay listing here: LINK

    Extra info - what I paid when I purchased it new from John Parrot Cue Sports (delivered March 2018):
    1 x Peradon Eden Three Quarter Jointed Snooker Cue (Medium weight) - GBP 221.90
    1 x Peradon Aluminium Three-Quarter Case (black) - GBP 46.70
    Total - GBP 268.60

    Photos here:

    Cue specifications: Peradon Eden 3/4 (S1389)
    Bought new in 2018 (receipt available), used at most ten times, excellent condition. Weight 525gr (18.5oz). Tip size 9.8mm. Balance approximately 17inch from butt. Cue Length: 58inch full size (42inch shaft + 16inch butt). Shaft: selected kiln dried North American ash. Butt: hand spliced genuine ebony, double ebony front splices with red veneers.Joint: solid brass 'quick Action'.

    Case: Peradon Black Aluminium case (S2693-BLA)
    Bought new in 2018 (receipt available), excellent condition, keys included.

    Why I am selling it. Because I have two! I started playing one year ago. Not knowing the ideal cue weight for me I bought two Peradon cues, one "medium" (18.5oz) and one "heavy" (20.7oz). After using both cues for a month, I have decided to use and keep the "heavy" cue as my favourite one. I am selling the "medium" cue because I do not use it and I don't want to see it ageing in the corner. It is in excellent condition, plays very well and looks very nice too (actually, it's nicer than the cue I am keeping). Brand new tip just fitted (medium-hard, but I can provide a soft Elkmaster new tip if you prefer that). The cue was bought new from John Parrot Cue Sports in 2018 (delivered in March).

    Delivery. Face-to-face pick up in Norwich (Norfolk), I'll bring the original receipt with me. You can try the cue on a club table before buying. Actually, I strongly encourage you to do so: please test the cue on a club table with me before taking it -- not only because I cannot accept returns once it is sold, but also because I know by experience that cues really are a matter of feeling: "trying before buying" is a must for me now.

    Please do not hesitate to send me a private message here on TSF if have questions about the cue or even if you have suggestions about how to sell it! Tips are welcome (but no Elks please ), even if you think the price is too high (or too low) please let me know (but note: the price shown on ebay obviously reflects the fees that ebay charges on final value sales, private sale is cheaper, see above...).
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    Probably better to add a picture of the case to the advert - people like to observe its condition


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      Thank you anish147, you're right, I am now editing the original post and adding the photos of the case. All the best!


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        Cue & case sold