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    I’m looking to buy a set of balls to use at my local club as the majority of balls they have are not very good.

    I’m probably going to get a set of the Aramith Premier (green box) 52.5mm balls.

    The thing is I want to get a spotted cue ball to go with the set so I can see if I'm putting unwanted side on. Obviously the set comes with a plain cue ball so I need to find one separately.
    The problem is finding one that matches the set for weight.
    I already have a 52.5mm spotted cue ball, but it weighs 140grams.
    As I understand it the balls in the Premier 52.5mm set weigh 130grams.
    The 1G ball set weighs 140grams I think, but the set costs too much for me!

    So 3 questions:

    Does anyone know of a set of balls I can buy that actually comes with a spotted cue ball?

    Does anyone know of a 130gram 52.5mm spotted cue ball I can buy?

    If I use my 140gram 52.5mm cue ball with a set of 130gram balls, will it make much difference, or could it ruin my game?!

    Any help much appreciated!

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    Please understand - you do NOT need 1G set.

    1G are purely a set of Tournament Champion balls - collected together so their weights are within 1 gram range.

    Do not get Premier, they are too light and play differently.
    Go for a set of TCs (not the more expensive 1G set) as it sounds like you already have one (140g range) and do not play with different weighted balls, weird reactions
    Up the TSF! :snooker:


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      Yeah I have no intention of getting a 1G set (about £250 from what I can see).

      What is the TCs set you mention?


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        Originally Posted by Dave147! View Post
        Yeah I have no intention of getting a 1G set (about £250 from what I can see).

        What is the TCs set you mention?
        as said above TC = Tournament Champions as opposed to Premier.

        TCs (for short) are the 140g range balls.

        To clarify 1G set are Tournament Champion balls AS WELL, only charged more as they spend a bit of time checkign the weights but they ARE THE SAME TYPE of ball - TC

        see the manufacturer page
        the first is commonly known as 1G - still TC but weight range of only 1g
        the second down is TC - weight range is 3g, good enough for most players.
        third is the same as second but with spotted cue ball.
        fourth is what you were talking about, the Premier balls - 120g range
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            Thanks for all the replies guys, so it looks like if I want a full set with a spotted cue ball the ATC Pro-Cup is the one to go for


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              We play billiards now with spotted cue balls, Pro Cup Aramith the average weight is 141.5 and within 1G they are also within 1 G with my 1G snooker balls.
              Weight tolerance is VERY important at billiards but i have 4 sets on my table to cut down on fielding the cue ball and they play well.