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    Coming from a playing background of 9-ball pool I have spent a lot of time using my trusty Tip Pik to break up the surface of the tip so that chalk adheres better.

    When playing snooker do players like the tips surface to be hard (shiny) or soft (scuffed)? I am talking about bedding in as this is not something that is done with American Pool tips.

    When I have played snooker and english pool I have never bothered with bedding in and have noticed an improvement naturally over time. Whenever we well a new cue they obviously come with new tips and we do always recommned the bedding in period. Not being a snooker player what are peoples thoughts on this?
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    Personal preference!

    Ive retipped hundreds of cues (probably close to 4 or 5 hundred).

    i find most players want them just slightly "rougher" than "shiny".

    ie, once shaped, lightly worn down with very fine sandpaper.