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  • Pool cue tips

    Hi all, looking for some advice/recommendations...

    What tips do you all use for 8 ball pool?

    I have used elks mainly but recently tried a kamui black MH and an MW super tip.
    I found the Kamui a bit too hard and didn't think it held chalk very well. I constantly needed to rough the surface.
    The MW super tip felt pretty good. The hit was firm, my long shots were better and I was getting enough reaction on the cue ball. Unfortunately I damaged it and it had to come off. I replaced it with another but the new one felt rock hard. Maybe i needed to reduce the height some more...?
    I knocked a few balls round on a snooker table in between my pool match and it seemed more suited to that.
    I have recently fitted the MW velvetspin. I've yet to play with it meaningfully but had 10 minutes with a few practice drills, it felt nice amongst the balls but a bit light on longer shots.
    I'm probably going to revert to the elk, they are a pretty good tip, I was just hunting for something similar but something that didn't need replacing as often.

    So, what tips do you use and what in particular do you like about them?

    For any context my cue is 55 inch, 16.5oz, 8.5mm and I play more delicate touch shots, not really a power hitter.


  • #2 - SuperTip - VelvetSpin


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      The ADR147 laminated tip works well for pool. Not too hard but plenty there for long shots. I took it down to roughly 35% of the original height and that's where I found my sweet spot.


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        I use Grand soft myself but also have BA long ta tips, which are about £4 a box eBay.
        Cheap but good tips.
        Elks are good tips, just can be a pain finding a good one sometimes.
        For that one you've always wanted...