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  • Practice table & accessories for sale...

    Hi all, I have a snooker practice table for sale. It has 2 corner pockets at one end which allow you to play into both black pockets. I made it from genuine full size side rails/cushions and 6811 Strachan cloth ! The bed is 12mm MDF with a strong timber frame that holds it all square. Legs are fold up for storage with a click stop action. It is cross braced front to back and side to side and very steady (and very heavy, can be part dismantled for transport) It is really useful for getting your cue action nailed and practicing those blacks off the spot and general top of the table play. It has 2 black spots marked which are at correct position from cushion and pockets. There is a detachable rail/cushion at opposite end for practicing side rail cueing. Pockets are nets which will each hold 12 balls at least. I made my own 'official' pocket templates etc. You can't take liberties with the pockets, if you can play on these you can play on any table !.This table is for practicing things that you wouldn't (but should) pay to do down at the club. Comes with set of full size balls, standard rest and spider. Practice with these and all the silly shots that lose frames.
    It is 1040mm wide by 1920mm long and 875mm floor to top of rail. 800mm wide actual playing surface. 1920mm length can be reduced for transport or for using in less space. it is very heavy but I fitted transport castors to it .... for easier moving about. Contavt me if interested Richard 07957 423683. Banstead Surrey . PS I can make this but I cant workout how to post pics ! Pics are available.

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    Would love to see some pictures?