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Pro Racker And Snooker Ball Positioner.

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  • Pro Racker And Snooker Ball Positioner.


    My name is Joshua Yates from The Racker and I have 2 new products which I was hoping to have some initial thoughts on.

    One is a professional snooker triangle which has been designed based on the requests of current professional referee's and is now in its second pre production stage.

    Another is the snooker ball positioner which has a mechnicle pointer which moves in and out to locate the exact centre of the cue ball.

    I've supplied links to both for you to be able to look at and thank you for your time.

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    Both look like good products.

    Do you have a pic of the rollers on the underside of the triangle? And prices?


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      The triangle in its current pre production form is £30.

      I don't have any images to hand, however the roller on the back runs the full length and is in one piece. The front uses a 2 bearings at the front, either side of the mirror.

      On the Facebook page, there is a video of the older version in black which shows how freely they move and only weigh around 400-500 grams.

      The snooker ball positioner is £8 with it consisting of moving parts which is more involved to produce. The product isn't available on my website just yet as their are a few tweaks I wanted to make. It will work the same, just wanted the pointer to have less room for any side to side movement.


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        If I'm honest I wouldnt be interested in the ball position marker as I have a Peradon one which I marked with a centre point though possibly only ever used it once.

        The triangle I certainly would be, are they on your website and what is the address?


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          The ball marker concept was more for if you had to make sure the ball was actually on its spot if its the difference to a ball being potable or not.

          This was from watching the finals yesterday where Ronnie had to ask the referee to respot the black as it wasn't spotted correctly. This ensures its on its spot and even shows the player that the ball is correctly spotted.

          The website for the triangle is here. It shows the older version 1 image but you would receive the latest version 2 which was on the Facebook Post I provided.